"On The Record" offers central Ohio voters an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates running for U.S. Senate, Congress, Ohio Supreme Court and Franklin County Commissioner. You can watch their responses to some of the most pressing issues. Each candidate also gives a statement to the public concerning why he or she should be elected on Nov. 6.

Hear The Candidate Responses

Franklin County Commissioner

Paula Brooks (D) vs. James Pfaff (R)

U.S. Senate

Sherrod Brown (D) vs. Josh Mandel (R) vs. Scott Rupert (I)

U.S. Congressional District 3

Joyce Beatty (D) vs. Richard Ehrbar (L) vs. Bob Fitrakis (G) vs. Chris Long (R)

U.S. Congressional District 12

Jim Reese (D) vs. Pat Tiberi (R)

U.S. Congressional District 15

Pat Lang (D) vs. Steve Stivers (R)

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