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Mayor Coleman Kicks Off 11-Day Celebration Of Innovation, Design With 'Big Gift'

A 30-foot-tall banner celebrating Columbus innovation and design will remain at the corner of Broad and High streets through Saturday. Get details.

Ohio Stadium Was Built On A 'Lie'

Ohio Stadium is the fourth-largest on-campus facility in the nation. Learn more about its history.

Ohio State Buckeyes Kicked Off Legacy With 1890 Game Against Ohio Wesleyan

The vision for the Ohio State Buckeyes began in the 1870s. Learn more.

King Lincoln Neighborhood Full Of Passion For Theater

Restoring the Lincoln Theatre has been a painstaking process, but it has paid off. Get details from 200Columbus.

Leaders Want Lincoln Theatre To Serve As Anchor Of Rebirth

City leaders have worked hard to bring the Lincoln Theatre back to life. Get details.

Remembering The Golden Age Of Central Ohio’s Amusement Parks

During the late 1800s, central Ohio was filled with amusement parks that have since been forgotten.

Venue, Message Of Ohio State Fair Not Always Same

The state fair is an Ohio tradition dating back to the 1800s. Get details.

Franklin Park History Has Links To Chicago World's Fair

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has served central Ohio for more than a century. Learn more.

Columbus Zoo Had Origins Downtown

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium started with a simple step in 1927. Learn more.

LeVeque Tower Getting Makeover That Nods To Past

It towers 46 floors over downtown Columbus, but the LeVeque Tower is more than just one of the tallest buildings in the city. Learn more.

Columbus Mileposts From The Columbus Dispatch

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