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Child ID Info Critical For Police When Child Is Reported Missing

It's a family safety issue no parent ever wants to face - a missing child. Find out what police need from parents when it happens.

Campus Crime Questions Must Be Answered By Universities

Doing research about campus crime is easier now that lawmakers have required schools to report the information.

Home Inventory Can Save You In The Wake Of Disaster

There are easy and efficient ways to track your belongings so that you can have them covered by insurance in a disaster.

Fire Marshal Takes 10TV Through A Home To Provide Important Safety Info

There are a number of things you can be doing now to protect your family if disaster strikes in your home.

CO Detector Saves Ohio State University Students

As part of Family Safety Week, Ohio State students are sharing the story of how a Carbon monoxide detector saved their lives.

Experts Warn That Children May Be Getting Too Much Tablet Time

Children are using iPads and other tablets as much, if not more, than their parents. But should you be putting time limits in place.

Fraud Experts Say Criminals Targeting Your Child’s Identity

If you are getting junk mail addressed to your child, it could be a warning sign that their ID has been stolen.

Family Safety Week: Poison In The Home

Things you use every single day could pose a danger to the little ones in your life. Read more.

Instructors Emphasizing Defensive Driving To Teens Getting Behind The Wheel

Driving instructors say teaching the kids the rules of the road means convincing them to be defensive drivers.

OHP Provides Tips On Staying Safe If You Are Stranded Along The Road

Ohio Highway Patrol Troopers know the dangers of standing on the side of a busy highway.

Police Warn Drivers To Avoid Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Crashes

For Family Safety Week, 10TV rode along with Hilliard Police to see what common mistakes drivers should learn to avoid.

Police Crack Down On Speeders Through School Zones

One stretch of Livingston Avenue is home to several schools but that doesn't always slow down drivers. Read more.

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