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Buster Douglas In Columbus

James "Buster" Douglas came to the Goodwill Rehabilitation Center to see his buddy Willie Rogers.

Alrosa Dimebag Interview

10TV is looking back at the 10th Anniversary of the deadly shooting at the Alrosa Villa.

Alrosa Fatal Shooting

10TV Coverage of the fatal shooting at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus.

Boehner 1990 Election

John Damschroder reports in 1990 on the election of John Boehner to Congress, replacing Buz Lukens.

16-year-old LeBron James Talks Life & NBA

LeBron James sits down with Kirk Herbstreit in 2001 as a high school sophomore to talk about his future.


10TV looks back at the Chillicothe police officer killed in a 2005 shooting.

Video Vault: Metric System

10TV goes back to 1976 when the metric system was being introduced in schools in the U.S.

VIDEO VAULT: Rail Workers

From 1984, railway workers replacing rail lines while living on the Steel Wheel Motel.

Mt. Carmel Dedication

Priests and nuns dedicate the opening of Mount Carmel West.

VIDEO VAULT: Leonard Nimoy

10TV interviews Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy.

VIDEO VAULT: Buster Douglas

Take a look back at what happened when Buster Douglas returned to Columbus after beating Mike Tyson.