Do You Know Your Kids?

Do You Know Your Kids?

Parents Urged To Look Dating Danger Signs

Dating Dangers: How to spot the warning signs that your child might be in an abusive relationship.

Parents Sometimes Struggle With 'Birds And Bees' Talk

Many parents don't know what to say when it comes to talking about sex with their children.

Doctor: Open Communication Can Prevent Teen Pregnancies

One of the most controversial issues that parents and teenagers face is birth control. Find out how to talk to your children.

Police Say Kids Finding Creative, Unusual Places To Stash Drugs

Your kids may be hiding drugs in places in their room that you never would have thought of. Find out more.

Bullied Students Often Afraid To Open Up About Attacks

Many students who are bullied are not telling their parents or school officials of the incidents.

Growing Pressure To Have Perfect Body Felt By Young Girls

Today’s generation of children are growing up in a hyper body-conscious age. Find out what parents can do to help.

School Resource Officers Serve As Counselors As Well As Protectors

Local school resource officers have to play many roles as they walk the hallways of schools around central Ohio.

Parents Encouraged To Be Teens' First Role Models

A teen’s role models can shape his or her development, and experts say it should start at home.

Electronic Devices Allow Option For Parents To Track Kids

More parents are turning to electronic tracking methods to know where their kids are located.

Parents Warned Of Ways Teens Hide Cell Phone Activity

Parents are monitoring their kids’ online activity more than ever and kids are finding new way to hide it. Get details.

Expert Says Most Teens Drink, Some Start In Elementary School

Many children are trying alcohol at a surprisingly young age. Find out what the experts are saying.

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