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Here's a list of Georgia stories expected to move so far for the weekend of Sept. 6-7.

Moving Saturday


SAVANNAH, Ga. — Nesting by loggerhead sea turtles on Georgia beaches declined sharply this summer, ending a streak of four record-setting years that conservationists touted as evidence the threatened species is rebounding. Georgia's unofficial nest count for the season that runs May through August shows the giant sea turtles laid eggs in 1,191 this year — a little more than half the number from 2013. Conservationists say they're not worried by the low number, which would make for an average nesting year in Georgia. By Russ Bynum. Upcoming: 500 words.

Moving Sunday


ATLANTA — As Republicans seek control of the Senate, a central question of who is to blame for gridlock in Washington has been playing out in key races across the country. Democrats like Kentucky's Alison Lundergan Grimes and Georgia's Michelle Nunn bemoan congressional inaction but don't call out members of their own party, some of whom have been key fundraisers. And Republicans, especially those who haven't served in Congress, also have to figure out how much distance they need to keep from GOP leaders as the public's general discontent with everything Washington continues to rise. "It's a delicate balancing act for any candidate in a general election environment, no matter what party you are," said GOP strategist Chip Lake. "And you have to pick a team. You can't be a candidate and say you are going to go up there and solve all these problems without being on a team." By Christina A. Cassidy and Adam Beam.

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Moving Saturday:


MACON, Ga. — The morning the girls integrated the Bibb County schools, there was still a virtual mountain to climb. Steps. Twenty-two of them. They peaked at the wooden front doors of the all-girls' Miller Senior High School, a castle of brown brick and ornate concrete lording over Montpelier Avenue. Half a decade later, a few blocks to the east, Interstate 75 would shove through. But on that morning in September 1964, in the heart of a neighborhood between Pio Nono Avenue and the Mercer University campus, Miller High was a crossroads. Two cars wheeled up to a curb in the curved driveway out front. Nine black girls emerged, a walkway in front them. It was 80 paces from door to curb, those 22 steps included, an invisible barrier to be breached.

By Joe Kovac Jr., The Telegraph.

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Moving Sunday:


AUGUSTA, Ga. — Exercise intolerance is a side effect of cystic fibrosis and GRU researchers are looking to see whether some interventions, from a generic form of Viagra to antioxidants, could help those patients do more. Cystic fibrosis is a disease caused by a defect in the CFTR gene that helps control the movement of salt and water in and out of cells. Patients are prone to have sticky mucus that builds up in their lungs, traps bacteria and leads to damage. It also affects other organs, including the pancreas, which can lead to nutrition problems. The GRU team has shown it also affects blood vessels and can lead to less elasticity, even if the lung function is normal, said Dr. Ryan Harris, the director of the lab and an assistant professor of pediatrics.

By Tom Corwin, The Augusta Chronicle.

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