Testimony: Rowland wanted payment outside campaign


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A congressional candidate has testified that a former Connecticut governor wanted to become a consultant to his 2010 campaign but be paid as though he was working for the candidate's animal rescue organization.

Mark Greenberg says he turned down the deal.

Greenberg was the first witness Wednesday in John Rowland's federal trial. The former Republican governor is charged with seven federal counts, including obstruction of justice and conspiracy to violate election laws.

During opening statements Wednesday, Rowland attorney Reid Weingarten said Rowland never worked for Greenberg, and did legitimate work for a nursing home chain owned by the husband of another candidate, Lisa Wilson-Foley in 2012 while volunteering for her campaign.

Prosecutors say they will prove Rowland offered an improper deal to Greenberg and hid his political work for Wilson-Foley.

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