Kasich detractors' options dwindle headed into fall

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Republican Gov. John Kasich's (KAY'-siks) Libertarian and tea party foes are sidelined. Now his Democratic rival's campaign has disintegrated.

That's raising questions about what non-Kasich supporters will do on Election Day. They could skip over his race against embattled Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald, throw their support behind the longshot third-party ticket — or just stay home.

FitzGerald has seen an exodus of top campaign aides and is diverting significant campaign resources to Democrats' overall get-out-the-vote efforts after a series of political missteps, including revelations he lacked a permanent driver's license for a decade.

University of Cincinnati political scientist David Niven says FitzGerald's troubles will depress Democratic turnout.

As for conservatives who oppose Kasich and supported unsuccessful challenges, a tea party leader says they'll probably vote but skip the governor's race.

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