US service members complain private cars missing

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (AP) — Hundreds of U.S. service members are reporting that their privately owned vehicles have gone missing or been damaged while being shipped to and from overseas bases.

According to the Belleville News-Democrat in Illinois, the military will send teams -- beginning next week -- to find the vehicles at supply chain staging areas across the globe. The move comes after months of complaints.

The survey teams are from U.S. Transportation Command in Illinois which is responsible for air, land and sea transportation for the Pentagon.

The actual shipping of the vehicles is handled by International Auto Logistics, a Georgia-based company that the command chose to take over a $1 billion contract. A legal tussle with the previous contractor resulted in a four-month delay in International Auto Logistics starting work.

A company spokeswoman blames the problems on the large number of vehicles the company has been asked to move in a short time period since finally starting work in May.

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180-v-34-(Mike Gracia, AP correspondent)--The U.S. military is about to begin searching for the private vehicles of hundreds of service members that have gone missing. AP correspondent Mike Gracia reports. (16 Aug 2014)

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181-c-19-(Mike Gracia, AP correspondent)-"around the world"-AP correspondent Mike Gracia reports the U.S. military is setting out to locate missing vehicles owned by service members. (16 Aug 2014)

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182-c-19-(Mike Gracia, AP correspondent)-"to be shipped"-AP correspondent Mike Gracia reports a switch of private contractors is being blamed for issues with the shipping of vehicles owned by U.S. service members. (16 Aug 2014)

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