Agent gives Hollywood edgy look with 'real' people


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — You couldn't miss Sid Levin's office in the old days: It wasn't much bigger than a closet and was filled with burglars, bank robbers and gang members.

They weren't there to rob the place. They just wanted to become movie or TV stars. A few actually did.

These days, the veteran Hollywood agent's office is likely to be filled with cops, prison guards and veterans of every U.S. war since Vietnam.

They, too, have that same dream. To become stars. And some, like Dot-Marie Jones, the Emmy-nominated former juvenile hall guard, have.

Levin says his approach to Hollywood agentry is simple: Represent "real people" who don't look like they belong on TV or in movies, but who can act.

Because, the veteran agent likes to say, "Talented is talented."

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