Court focuses on pace of complex Sept. 11 case


FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — A military judge says he's concerned about the pace of the complex case involving five Guantanamo prisoners accused of plotting the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Army Col. James Pohl confronts the issue Thursday at a pretrial hearing at the U.S. naval base in Cuba.

One of the defendants, Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali of Pakistan, has been at the prison 11 years, 10 months; the others, nearly eight years.

They were charged in 2012 but the case has been bogged down by litigation over issues involving individual defendants.

On Wednesday, Pohl reconsidered having Ramzi Binalshibh (RAM'-zee bin-al-SHEEB') of Yemen tried separately after prosecutors assured Pohl that issues peculiar to that defendant will be resolved in a timely fashion. The judge reserved the right to reinstate the severance order.

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