Parents of Australian victim visit crash site

HRABOVE, Urkaine (AP) — The parents of a woman who died on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 travelled from Perth, Australia to honor their daughter at the crash site in eastern Ukraine.

Jerzy Dyczynski and Angela Rudhart-Dyczynski, parents of 25-year-old Fatima, crossed territory held by pro-Russian rebels to reach the wreckage-strewn farm fields outside the village of Hrabove.

They last spoke to Fatima shortly before she boarded the flight for Kuala Lumpur in Amsterdam on July 17.

Rudhart-Dyczynski said, "We have promised our daughter we will come here."

Her husband added that his daughter "was for peace. She will be forever for peace."

U.S. and Ukrainian officials say the plane was shot down by a missile from rebel territory, likely by mistake. Two-hundred ninety eight people died.

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