Jury to reconvene in Ventura defamation case

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Jurors are due to reconvene in St. Paul to deliberate whether former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura was defamed in a memoir by the late military sniper Chris Kyle.

The case went to jurors midday Tuesday, but the group didn't reach a verdict before breaking for the day.

Ventura's attorney asked them to award the former Navy SEAL, pro wrestler and movie actor millions of dollars in damages for what Ventura claims is a lie in Kyle's memoir, "American Sniper."

Ventura says Kyle invented a story about punching him in a California bar in 2006 after Ventura supposedly made remarks insulting Navy SEALs.

But an attorney for Kyle's estate told jurors that Ventura failed to prove his claim that Kyle made up the story or that Ventura suffered financially because of the best-selling book.

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