7 Ex-NFL players appeal terms of concussion deal

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Seven former NFL players are challenging a tentative class-action settlement of NFL concussion claims.

Their appeal echoes their previous complaints that some players won't be fairly compensated under the plan.

The settlement would cover nearly 20,000 retired NFL players for 65 years.

Senior U.S. District Judge Anita Brody has granted preliminary approval pending a fairness hearing in November.

Her approval comes after the NFL agreed to remove the $765 million cap to ensure the fund doesn't run out.

The group appealing her decision includes 2008 Pro Bowl player Sean Morey, now Princeton University's sprint football coach.

Lawyers who negotiated the deal say Monday's appeal to the Third U.S. Circuit Court is premature.

They also fear it will delay final approval and leave families in need waiting longer for their awards.

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