Bringing to your attention AP IMPACT: NYC Jail Suicides, the latest installment of Associated Press coverage of conditions in New York City jails. The package that moved early Friday consists of a story, a glance, photos, online video and a graphic.


NEW YORK — In one case, a mentally ill New York City inmate hanged himself from a shower pipe on his third try in three days. During that stretch, orders to put him on 24-hour watch were apparently ignored, along with a screening form that said he was "thinking about killing himself." Another inmate hanged himself with a bedsheet from an air vent in a solitary-confinement cell after repeatedly telling guards he was suicidal. The last time he said so, one of them replied, "If you have the balls, go ahead and do it." In yet another case, an inmate hanged himself from a metal bed that he stood on end to create a scaffold, despite a year-old jailhouse directive to weld all beds to the floor. Investigative documents obtained by The Associated Press on the 11 suicides in New York City jails over the past five years show that in at least nine cases, safeguards designed to prevent inmates from harming themselves weren't followed. Says one grieving parent: "Is there a procedure? Yes. Did they follow it? Absolutely not." By Jake Pearson; SENT: 1,100 words, photos, video, graphic.

— NYC JAIL SUICIDES-GLANCE — At look at recent New York City jail suicides that might have been preventable. SENT: 550 words, photos.


NY750-774: Images of some of those who committed suicide, their relatives and the jail.


NYC_JAIL_DEATHS: A package featuring an interview with relatives of a mentally ill man who was court-ordered to be on suicide watch that was never implemented because his paperwork wasn't scanned into the electronic system, as well as interviews with the mother of a 31-year-old man who hanged himself in jail and with an expert who was once in charge of the mental health department for the Massachusetts jail system.


GFX2740: NYC JAILS: Five-year trends for key indicators inside the New York City jail system.

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