Buddy Cianci seeking comeback as Providence mayor


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Twelve years after being sent to prison for corruption, former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci (see-AN'-see) says he's making a comeback bid to run Rhode Island's capital city again.

Cianci announced Wednesday on his radio show that he's running for mayor, shortly before a 4 p.m. filing deadline. He says he made the decision with "much soul-searching and reflection."

The city's longest-serving mayor, Cianci served for 21 years and was elected six times. He was twice forced to resign due to felony convictions, in 1984 for assaulting a man he believed was having an affair with his estranged wife, and in 2002, when he was sent to prison for racketeering conspiracy.

Cianci is running as an independent. Previously, he won office as a Republican and independent.

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