Ohio physicist, minister debate existence of God

CANTON, Ohio (AP) — A northeast Ohio church is grappling head-on with a fundamental question: Does God exist?

The Northwest Church of Christ in Canton is hosting a debate on the topic Saturday night that is open to the public.

Squaring off will be Mano Singham (MAH'-noh SIHNG'-uhm), a theoretical physicist at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and Joe Puckett Jr. Puckett is a Christian philosopher and minister for the Hartville Church of Christ.

Both men are authors with academic training in their subjects.

Puckett hatched the idea for the debate and brought it to the non-theist community, with Singham welcoming the invitation. Both men are promising a frank, civil and open-minded conversation.

Polls indicate more than 70 percent of Americans are religious, and about 30 percent nonreligious.

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