Ohio public records audit finds some digital requests answered quickly, others never acknowledged

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A public records audit conducted by journalists in each Ohio county finds local governments have a scattershot approach to electronic requests.

Some government websites provide email addresses or online contact forms. But many don't, or officials fail to respond to emails requesting public records.

This year's audit by the Ohio Coalition for Open Government included electronic records requests as well as in-person requests. It was a follow-up to a 2004 statewide audit.

Media attorney David Marburger says local governments have the same responsibility to respond to an electronic request as they do to those made by another method.

Damian Sikora (sih'-KOR-uh) is an official in the Ohio attorney general's office. He recommends citizens reach out by phone to make sure they sent an email to the right person in an agency.

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