Epileptic girl inspiration behind medical pot bill


GULF BREEZE, Fla. (AP) — On good days when her epileptic seizures aren't severe, RayAnn Moseley laughs, dances and sings with a children's choir. On bad days, RayAnn lies down and says nothing all day and sometimes has to be rushed to a hospital.

Florida lawmakers say RayAnn's struggle went a long way in swaying them to approve a state bill that would allow parents to treat their epileptic children with marijuana that has a low amount of THC, the chemical that causes intoxication.

Even Gov. Rick Scott welcomed RayAnn into his office, hugged her and assured her parents he would sign the bill that seemed improbable a few months ago.

Once Scott signs the bill, strains of marijuana with little THC and high amounts of cannabidiol used for treating seizures, would be legal in Florida for certain medical conditions.

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