Tears for relatives after fatal hunger strike


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Family members of an inmate who starved himself to death at the Kentucky State Penitentiary recalled a hard-working man plagued by demons that ultimately led him to prison.

James Kenneth Embry's ex-wife Mae Embry, and stepdaughter, Hope Keown learned of his death when they saw an Associated Press story in a newspaper in late April. Mae Embry and Keown described Embry as "strong willed" and someone who was a good husband and stepfather when he was on medication.

But, family members say, drugs and alcohol issues would inevitably take control and lead Embry back to prison.

Embry died in January at the prison in Eddyville after a five-week hunger strike. The prison's head physician has been fired and the state has taken steps to dismiss others.

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