Polemics over Picasso befuddle French authorities

PARIS (AP) — Paris proudly hosted Picasso for decades. But two controversies around the artist's legacy are now haunting French officials.

A historic preservation panel is meeting Tuesday to decide the fate of a Left Bank studio where Picasso lived and worked for 19 years, and painted his famed anti-war opus "Guernica" in 1937.

A legal group has owned the 17th-century manor containing the studio since before Picasso worked there, and now wants to renovate it. One reported scenario would see it converted into a luxury hotel.

Some high-profile art lovers say the studio deserves state protection from re-development. The panel meeting Tuesday may put in on a national register of historic sites.

Separately, Picasso's son has clashed with the Culture Ministry over delays to the re-opening of the Paris Picasso Museum.

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