Albuquerque council meets amid heightened security


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Some people have been escorted from the Albuquerque City Council meeting after turning their backs to the council members and refusing to speak during their turns at the podium during debate over police reforms following a spate of deadly police shootings.

The decision by at least four demonstrators to remain silent comes just days after rowdy protesters halted Monday's council meeting and called for the citizens' arrest of Albuquerque's police chief.

The council gathered for Thursday's special meeting under new rules and heightened security designed to avoid the angry confrontation that broke out earlier this week.

Public comment was limited to the legislation the council was prepared to consider, including a measure that would affect the way the police chief is hiring.

Some in the crowd of about 200 people told councilors they disagreed with the rules.

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