Once-doomed bear cub now at St. Louis Zoo

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Boo Boo, the 3-month-old bear cub who created a brief rabies scare after nipping college students, has a new home — the St. Louis Zoo. Meanwhile, conservation officials are investigating how the bear was allowed contact with humans in the first place, in apparent violation of state law.

Zoo spokeswoman Susan Gallagher said Wednesday that Boo Boo will be quarantined for 30 days while veterinarians perform various health-related tests and a nutritionist works with his diet. After that, a determination will be made if he should remain at the St. Louis Zoo or be placed in another zoo.

Boo Boo was part of a petting zoo brought to Washington University during finals week. His bites broke the skin of 18 students, but state officials are confident he doesn't have rabies.

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