University: Unclear if sperm mix-up intentional

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The University of Utah says investigators cannot determine if a Texas couple's sperm sample was intentionally switched with that of a convicted felon working at its fertility clinic 20 years ago.

A report released Thursday by a panel of doctors and medical ethicists says it's unclear if felon and clinic employee Thomas Lippert was the one who replaced his sperm with another customer's sample, fathering a girl 21 years ago.

But the report notes Lippert, a lab technician, was also a sperm donor at the clinic and frequently processed his own samples.

The university says several couples who used the clinic have undergone paternity tests after revelations earlier this year about the swap.

Investigators say tests haven't found any unintentional Lippert children or any other possible intentional swapping of samples.

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