BC-Tuesday Spotlight,ADVISORY


The following story will move Monday morning as this week's Tuesday Spotlight, a feature showcasing the best off-the-news enterprise in the AP report:


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Debra Walker has heard about people gaining expanded access to health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, but that hasn't been her reality. The 59-year-old Houston resident, an out-of-work home health aide, shares an income of $1,800 a month with her husband, which is too much for a government premium subsidy. Because Texas refused federal funds to expand access to Medicaid, she was not eligible for that program, either. She relies on a basic county safety-net program instead, and is upset that President Barack Obama's health care overhaul doesn't apply to her: "I felt like I was dealt a bad card hand," she says. Her story shows how despite providing coverage for millions of Americans, the federal health care reforms have only chipped away at one of its core goals to reduce the number of those without insurance. Many of the same barriers that existed before the Affordable Care Act took effect persist, meaning it will take years of work to make a significant dent in the uninsured population. By Judy Lin. UPCOMING: 960 words, photos.

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