Dems slam CIA ex-boss over Feinstein criticism


WASHINGTON (AP) — Leading Democrats are criticizing a former CIA director who suggested the classified Senate torture report is motivated by Sen. Dianne Feinstein's "emotional feeling" and not objectivity. Feinstein chairs the Senate panel that produced the report.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Michael Hayden's comments condescending and disrespectful of women.

Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, a Democrat who serves alongside Feinstein on the Senate Intelligence Committee, calls it a "baseless smear" that Hayden wouldn't make against a man.

Hayden told Fox News over the weekend the still-classified, 6,300-page report may show Feinstein's "deep, emotional feeling" without being objective.

Feinstein and other committee members voted 11-3 last week to declassify about 500 pages of the report. The CIA is reviewing those sections.

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