4 being charged in World Trade Center jump

NEW YORK (AP) — Defense lawyers say three daredevils accused of parachuting off the 1 World Trade Center tower last fall and an alleged accomplice are turning themselves in to face criminal charges.

Monday's arrests come eight days after a 16-year-old was arrested on charges of climbing up to the top of the nation's biggest skyscraper.

Police had no immediate information on Monday's arrests. They had said they were looking for two parachutists seen floating near the building Sept. 30.

Defense attorneys Timothy Parlatore and Andrew Mancilla (man-SEE'-uh) say three accused jumpers and an alleged accomplice on the ground are expecting to face felony burglary charges.

The attorneys say the defendants are experienced BASE jumpers — the acronym stands for "building, span, antenna, earth." The lawyers say the men took care to keep from endangering anyone.

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