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The following story will move Saturday as this week's Sunday Spotlight, a feature showcasing the best off-the-news enterprise in the AP report:


MIAMI — With the promise of affordable health insurance under Obama's new federal law, millions of Americans with serious illnesses are indeed finding relatively low-cost monthly premiums, but are shocked at how quickly their prescription drug costs are adding up as insurers are moving some drugs into more expensive copay tiers. One market research and consulting firm estimates consumers paying for specialty drugs may be on the hook for about 50 percent — compared with about 30 percent in the private market. Patient advocates worry that insurers are trying to discourage chronically ill patients from enrolling by putting high-cost drugs onto specialty tiers. Insurers are moving some drugs into more expensive copay tiers. "There's a 52-page medication guide from Blue Cross. People get overwhelmed by it," said John Foley, a South Florida attorney and navigator who helps enroll consumers. By Kelli Kennedy. AP photos.

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