Court upholds Ohio raid ruling for US marshals


CINCINNATI (AP) — A federal appeals court has upheld dismissal of a lawsuit against U.S. marshals in the raid of a strident anti-abortion author's southwest Ohio home. Its opinion still sharply questions the property seizure.

The three-judge 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel in Cincinnati affirmed Friday a lower court ruling that the marshals were legally protected from being sued while carrying out a court order for seizure of property against Michael Bray. Court documents show the order came after a Planned Parenthood organization in Oregon won an $850,000 award against Bray in a lawsuit against activists they sued for intimidation by threat of force against abortion providers.

The panel called the Wilmington, Ohio, raid "a home attack" on Bray's ability to express ideas. His attorney says he'll consider a further appeal.

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