Medford says pot shop citations were premature

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — The city of Medford says it has moved too quickly against a medical marijuana dispensary.

The City Council last week voted to revoke the business license of a pot operation called Mary Jane's Attic and Mary Jane's Basement.

But City Council member Daniel Bunn says the city has to fine-tune the language, so the council will look at the measure again on March 20.

Meanwhile, police have issued three citations to the business. Its lawyer says he's been told they will be dismissed.

Medford was one of the first jurisdictions to try to prohibit pot outlets after the Oregon Legislature allowed them. Medford cites federal law, which outlaws marijuana.

This year, the Legislature denied local governments' request for the power to outlaw dispensaries, but did allow moratoriums until May 2015.


Information from: Mail Tribune,

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