Medical marijuana bill likely dead

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — A move to overhaul the state's medical marijuana system is likely dead, with several lawmakers saying that a bill to regulate the system has little to no chance of passing out of the House before the Legislature adjourns.

Rep. Eileen Cody, a Democrat from Seattle who was the lead on the issue in the House, said Thursday that the bill was still being worked on and that anything was possible before the end of the evening, but acknowledged that there's a "higher percentage chance it's dead than alive."

Sen. Ann Rivers, a Republican from La Center who sponsored Senate Bill 5887, said that the bill is dead because of "immovable positions" on an issue concerning marijuana tax revenue sharing that cities and counties were seeking.

Lawmakers were seeking to establish regulation of the medical market as the state's new voter-approved recreational market is about to take hold this summer.

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