Film set legend Abby Singer dies in California


Abby Singer, a film set legend whose name became synonymous for the next-to-last shot, has died. He was 96.

The Harlem-born Abner E. Singer was a longtime production manager and assistant director who worked primarily in television from the 1950s through the '90s. He became famous for his efficient habit of preparing a crew of an impending move to the next scene by calling out the second-to-last shot.

Since the late '50s, it's been routine on sets for the penultimate shot of the day to be announced as "the Abby Singer" or "the Abby."

His daughter, Jo Anne Singer, confirmed Singer died Thursday in Los Angeles.

Directors Guild of America President Paris Barclay says Singer "may have been the inspiration for the second-to-last shot, but today, Abby is first in our hearts."

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