Cardinal Dolan says church isn't called to conform to polls

NEW YORK (AP) — New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the church's mission isn't to conform to popular opinion, but to call people to conform to what God teaches.

Dolan told NBC's "Meet the Press" that while church teachings may not be popular, "our agenda is given us by the God who made us."

Dolan said lifelong marriage between a man and a woman isn't just a religious issue, but also is the bedrock of society and culture. And he expressed concern that tolerance of homosexuality in the U.S. is becoming legally obligatory at the expense of religious liberty.

When asked his view on openly gay Missouri football star Michael Sam, Dolan said "Bravo," noting that the same Bible that teaches morality tells us not to judge others.

Dolan also said he anticipates that Pope Francis will meet with sex abuse victims.

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