Kerry, Cruz and Crist poke fun at Gridiron Dinner

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Gridiron dinner is a chance for politicians and journalists to poke fun at adversaries and themselves.

Texas conservative Sen. Ted Cruz joked Saturday night about his clashes with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Cruz, not known to closely follow party leaders' instructions, told the crowd that McConnell had asked him to represent the GOP "and when leader McConnell wants something, who am I to say no."

Charlie Crist, who was Florida governor as a Republican and seeks to regain the job as a Democrat — took a jab at Cruz, saying the Texas tea partyer's followers wear "tri-cornered aluminum hats."

Secretary of State John Kerry, a former senator, joked about government spying on people including journalists, saying it was "so nice to put faces to the metadata."

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