Wounded South Sudan rebels fear hospital

BOR, South Sudan (AP) — Soldiers hit by bullets while fighting for rebel forces in South Sudan have not been able to receive needed medical care because they fear the government or military will kill them if they leave a U.N. base.

An Associated Press reporter spoke with three rebels in the U.N. camp in Bor this week whose gunshot wounds have not been treated.

Maj. Yun-Dae Kim, head of the Korean medical team attached to the U.N. in Bor, said not all gunshot wound victims have been able to be evacuated. The U.N. has decided letting them leave would not be safe.

South Sudan broke out in massive violence in mid-December. A military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Malaak Ayuen, said army orders are for all wounded, regardless of side, to be treated properly.

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