Studio adds "explanatory message" to Noah film

WASHINGTON (AP) — National Religious Broadcasters President Jerry Johnson is thanking Paramount Pictures for adding what he calls a "disclaimer" to advertising for its movie "Noah," starring Russell Crowe, which debuts in theaters March 28.

At Johnson's request, the studio is advising filmgoers that the movie "is inspired by the story of Noah," and that "artistic license has been taken." But Paramount says it believes that the "film is true to the essence, values, and integrity" of the story from the Bible's book of Genesis.

The NRB president, who previewed the film, praises its acting, production values, and faithfulness to the biblical story's main elements of sin, judgment and restoration.

Johnson warns, however, that the flood appears to be punishment for man's destruction of the environment, and that Noah wonders if his own family should be the last.

That said, Johnson thinks "Noah" is better than many of today's films, and he believes Christians can enjoy it, separate fact from fiction and "pass the popcorn."

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