NY congresswoman calls on IMF to help Ukraine

NEW YORK (AP) — Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is calling on the International Monetary Fund to provide loans to help Ukraine's democracy.

The New York Democrat was at a makeshift memorial in lower Manhattan with Ukrainian American community leaders on Sunday to urge support for Ukraine's democratic efforts. Maloney said the protesters are not alone and that the whole world was watching and inspired by the recent events.

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych (yah-noo-KOH'-vich) left Kiev after opposition protesters took control of the capital and the national parliament in the wake of deadly clashes with police last week. More than 70 people were killed and hundreds were injured.

The troubles began late last year after Yanukovych abandoned an agreement that would have strengthened his country's ties with the European Union in favor of seeking closer cooperation with Moscow.

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