Boy credited for 911 call as little sister choked

SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — A 9-year-old Southern California boy has been hailed as a hero for calling 911 when his 3-year-old sister began choking on a grape.

Jaequon (juh-KWAHN) Santos was saluted by the South Pasadena Police Department on Thursday.

KABC-TV reports ( that little Yaleona (juh-LAY-nuh) Santos' snack time became a life-threatening emergency on Jan. 9.

Her mother, Jennifer Santos, tried to remove the grape and Jaequon called 911, saying his sister was choking.

Meanwhile, their mother took the girl out of their apartment building and a passer-by tried to help with CPR. Even paramedics were unable to extract the grape and the child was transported to a hospital where doctors removed it.

A Fire Department official says minutes matter in such a situation and the culmination of all the efforts worked perfectly.

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