What California freeway has the most gridlock?


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Those who like to argue — or brag — about the worst commute in traffic-tangled California have a new measure of their misery.

What is the most congested freeway in the state?

It has more reconstructive surgery than a Hollywood has-been and, if you survive the madness, you can eventually reach the border.

The dubious honor goes to ... Interstate 5 in Los Angeles County.

The ranking is based California Department of Transportation data. Caltrans figured that, in 2012 alone, vehicles spent a cumulative 6.6 million extra hours in heavy congestion on LA County's stretch of "the 5," as locals call it. That's 753 years.

Los Angeles County had six of the Top 10 most-congested routes. Orange and Alameda counties had two each.

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