NYC mayor defends call to police about ally arrest


NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH'-zee-oh) is defending a call he made to police in which he inquired about a political supporter's arrest.

De Blasio made the call after the Monday evening arrest of Orlando Findlayter. He is a bishop and was a member of the mayor's inaugural committee.

De Blasio, a Democrat, said Thursday that the call was "appropriate." He says it is unusual for a clergy member to be arrested and he wanted to know what had happened.

Findlayter was given a desk appearance ticket and allowed to leave. Police have said the decision to let him go was made before de Blasio's call.

Some groups have criticized the mayor's involvement.

De Blasio says he would take similar actions in the future on "a case-by-case basis."

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