AP-WE tv Poll: Valentine's bliss outweighs dread


WASHINGTON (AP) — Just in time for Valentine's Day, an Associated Press-WE tv survey finds most adults excited about the holiday and looking forward to a gift on Friday.

Flowers and candy are the most preferred gifts. Smaller numbers prefer something pricey like a car, jewelry or vacation. About a third would most like to have intangibles such as time together, health or happiness.

According to the poll, which was conducted by GfK, two-thirds of paired-off adults feel their relationships are near perfect. Just 3 percent think their partnerships have serious problems.

In this love-struck society, 61 percent say they're excited about Valentine's Day, while 32 percent dread it.

For the 11 percent of adults currently seeking a committed relationship, traditional methods of finding a date outpace those that rely on technology.

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