Poll: Majority want change in US-Cuba policy


MIAMI (AP) — A new poll finds a majority of Americans and even higher proportion of Floridians support changing U.S. policy toward Cuba.

The poll released by the nonpartisan Atlantic Council on Tuesday found 56 percent of Americans and over 60 percent of Floridians favor normalizing relations or engaging more directly with the communist island.

The U.S. has maintained an economic embargo against Cuba for more than five decades.

The study also found that 64 percent of adults support normalizing relations in Miami-Dade County, where the largest concentration of Cuban-Americans in the United States reside.

The survey polled 1,024 randomly-selected U.S. adults by phone from Jan. 7 to Jan. 22.

The results follow previous research showing the Cuban-American community increasingly favors engagement with Cuba. However, supporters of the embargo dismissed the results.

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