NY foresters wary of oak wilt, latest tree threat


GLENVILLE, N.Y. (AP) — A swiftly lethal fungus that has destroyed hundreds of thousands of trees in other states has been found in an upstate New York community 200 miles from the closest previously known outbreak in Pennsylvania.

The epicenter of the state's first and only known infestation of oak wilt is a subdivision in Glenville, 15 miles northwest of Albany.

When trees started dying in 2007, experts confirmed the cause was oak wilt. State and federal forestry experts launched a plan that included removing every oak within a 150-foot radius of a diseased tree. In spring 2009, about 100 trees were reduced to chips and their stumps were treated with herbicide.

Now one resident is set to see the last two oaks in his yard taken down this spring as the fight continues.

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