Oscar-nominee filmmakers credit Harvard professor


BOSTON (AP) — Three filmmakers nominated separately for this year's Oscar for best feature documentary credit a long-time Harvard film professor for inspiring them to greatness.

Robb Moss, who has taught at Harvard for 25 years, says he's "unduly proud" of his students Jehane (JEH - 'HAHN) Noujaim (NA' - HEEN), Joshua Oppenheimer and Richard Rowley. The three were Harvard classmates in the late 90s.

Oppenheimer is nominated for "The Act of Killing," which depicts the mass killings of communists and ethnic Chinese in Indonesia in the 1960s. Noujaim was nominated for "The Square," about the Egyptian revolution from start to finish. And Richard Rowley is nominated for "Dirty Wars," which looks critically at the U.S. military presence in the Middle East.

The Oscars will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres on March 2.

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