Prosecutors go after Russia's top independent TV

MOSCOW (AP) — Prosecutors have opened an inquiry regarding a poll that Russia's top independent TV station conducted, asking a question about World War II that some regard as sacrilegious.

The Dozhd station, which broadcasts on the Internet, cable and satellite channels, asked if the Soviets should have surrendered Leningrad to the Nazis to avoid the more than 1 million deaths that followed.

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said Wednesday the poll crossed a moral "red line," but may not have been illegal. That didn't stop prosecutors from opening an inquiry on Thursday to find out if the station had violated a law.

Dozhd's owner, Nataliya Sindeyeva, has alleged that unidentified government officials have used the controversy to urge cable and satellite providers to cut the station from their packages.

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