Remote services to be offered in Sunflower Co.

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Diabetes Telehealth Network will recruit up to 200 patients in Sunflower County, Miss., to use remote services to share health data, such as weight, blood pressure, and glucose levels, daily with clinicians.

Officials with the University of Mississippi Medical Center say the daily information will give clinicians a more complete view of a patient's health status. With this information, clinicians can easily adjust medical care, as well as schedule phone calls or video chats with patients as necessary.

UMMC, North Sunflower Medical Center, GE Healthcare, Intel-GE Care Innovations and C Spire will work together to offer people with diabetes more consistent and timely access to clinicians through the use of telehealth technology in their homes.

Health officials say 373,000 adults in Mississippi are living with some form of diabetes.

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