Justices ponder 'straw purchasers' gun law

WASHINGTON (AP) — Can a person legally buy a gun for another out-of-state person while telling a gun dealer the weapon is for himself? The Supreme Court will soon decide whether that's OK.

Justices on Wednesday heard from Bruce James Abramski, Jr., a former police officer. Abramski bought a Glock 19 handgun in Collinsville, Va., in 2009 and transferred it to his uncle in Easton, Pa.

Federal officials say Abramski assured the Virginia dealer he was the "actual buyer" when he already had discussed with his uncle how he would buy the Pennsylvania man a weapon with his police discount.

Abramski's lawyers told the high court that since both he and his uncle were legally allowed to own guns, the law shouldn't have applied to him.

Justices will rule later this year.

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