Progress made against wildfire near Los Angeles

GLENDORA, Calif. (AP) — A fire official in Southern California says "things are progressing nicely" in the battle against the wildfire that is keeping thousands of people from their homes northeast of Los Angeles.

Incident Commander Mike Wakowski says all of the flare-ups are taking place within the containment lines of the wildfire, which is about 30 percent contained. Crews are now hoping to keep the flames from moving further into Angeles National Forest.

Scattered open flames have been burning through brush along hillsides above communities alongside the San Gabriel Mountains. Crews have been hosing down homes in the path of the fire, as firefighters lit controlled backfires.

Wakowski says the situation is "looking pretty good around the structures."

Seventeen structures have been damaged, including homes, garages and barns.

Forecasters say a red-flag warning of extreme fire danger will remain in place until this evening because of low humidity and the chance that the Santa Ana winds will gust up to 30 miles an hour in the foothills and canyons.

Three men in their 20s have been arrested on suspicion of recklessly starting the blaze by tossing paper into a campfire. Police say they were trying to keep warm.

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188-a-15-(Tom Contreras, supervisor, Angeles National Forest, at news conference)-"suppressing this fire"-Tom Contreras of the Angeles National Forest says the fire is about 30 percent contained. (17 Jan 2014)

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186-a-12-(Dave Richardson, Los Angeles County deputy fire chief, at news conference)-"a safe area"-Los Angeles County Fire Department Deputy Chief Dave Richardson says good progress was made overnight, despite a few flare-ups in the foothill suburbs northeast of Los Angeles. (17 Jan 2014)

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187-a-09-(Mike Wakoski, incident commander, Southern California Incident Management Team 3, at news conference)-"pin it down"-Mike Wakoski, one of the fire officials on the scene, says firefighters continue to make nice progress against the wildfire near Los Angeles. (17 Jan 2014)

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GRAPHICSBANK: A wildfire burns in the hills just north of the San Gabriel Valley community of Glendora, California, graphic element on gray (17 Jan 2014)

APPHOTO CARC111: A fire crew works on a fire line as a wildfire burns just north of the San Gabriel Valley community of Glendora, Calif., on Thursday, Jan 16, 2014. Southern California authorities have ordered the evacuation of homes at the edge of a fast-moving wildfire burning in the dangerously dry foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu) (16 Jan 2014)

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APPHOTO NY110: In this image provided by NASA a smoke and ash plume from a wildfire that started and spread quickly in the foothills northeast of Los Angeles in California is seen by The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Terra and Aqua satellite Thursday Jan. 16, 2014. The plume of ash and smoke from the Colby fire blanketed much of the metropolitan area and prompted air quality warnings. (AP Photo/NASA) (17 Jan 2014)

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