Second wave of prefile bills released


JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Bills related to medical mishaps, citations and genetically engineered seeds are included in the second wave of measures filed ahead of next week's legislative session.

HB250, from Rep. Kurt Olson, says expressions of responsibility, apology or sympathy by a health care provider to a patient related to an unanticipated outcome of treatment would not be admissible as evidence in a medical malpractice case.

SB116, from Sen. Dennis Egan, would allow for citations, like parking tickets, to be left on cars. It is a response to the court system's interpretation of a 2010 law that requires law enforcement to personally serve citations.

HB249, from Rep. Scott Kawasaki, says a person may not knowingly use a seed or plant produced with genetic engineering to produce or grow an agricultural product to sell.

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