Navy investigating possible Hawaii fuel tank leak


HONOLULU (AP) — Navy officials say they're investigating a possible fuel leak in a tank at an underground facility built in Hawaii in the 1940s.

Navy officials said Wednesday night that fuel operators found a discrepancy in the tank's levels on Monday. The Navy says manual measurements showed the tank possibly lost fuel.

Navy spokesman Tom Clements says it's not clear whether any aviation fuel was truly lost because measurements are still being taken. He said he did not know how much fuel was in the tank, though the 200-foot tall cylinder holds 12.6 million gallons.

The Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility which held fuel for American planes in World War II. It has 20 total tanks that have capacity to store a total of 252 million gallons, buried about 100 feet underground.

Navy officials say they began transferring fuel immediately to another tank, a process that could take up to five days.

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